Main route

By lift to the Rila lakes
Duration: 5:00 hours

Start: Rila Lakes hut
End: Rila Lakes hut

Length: 8 km
Elevation: 470m (from 2080m to 2550m)

map of the seven Rila lakes

An incredible view that takes your breath away

The Seven Rila Lakes is a group of lakes of glacial origin located in the Rila Mountains.

It is the most visited group of lakes in Bulgaria by tourists from all over the world and is one of the 100 national tourist sites. The Rila lakes are located in the Damg region of Northwestern Rila and are located terrace-level between 2095 and 2535 m above sea level. The lakes are located in depressions on the mountainside, and are connected to each other by small creeks and streams, and when the water passes, small waterfalls and waterfalls are formed.

Lift to the seven Rila lakes - the most popular way to access the lakes is a chair lift located 4 km from Panichishte. The lift can be reached by car on a completely renovated asphalt road. The lift goes up to the Rila Lakes hut, from where the main route to the seven lakes begins along marked trails.

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пpanorama of the Seven Rila Lakes

The Rila lakes

The first three lakes, Salzata, Okoto, and Babreka, each drain separately into Bliznaka, after which the water passes successively through the next three - Trelistnika, Rybnoto, and Dolnoto lake. An already stronger water stream passes through the last two lakes, which, flowing from the lowermost lake, gives rise to the German River, which is also a left tributary of the Struma.

The name of each of the seven Rila lakes reflects some feature of the corresponding lake. For example, the highest lake is called the Tear because of the transparency of its waters.

The seven Rila lakes in winter

Next in elevation is the Eye (or Heart), which is almost oval in shape. Okoto is also the deepest circus lake in Bulgaria with a depth of 37.5 m. While Babreka is the lake with the steepest banks of the entire lake group.

Bliznaka is the fourth lake, as it is the largest in area of the seven; It is characteristic of the Shamrock that it has an irregular shape and low banks; The shallowest is Ribnoto Lake, where the "Seven Lakes" hut is located on its northeastern shore. The lowest is, of course, the Lower Lake, from which the German River originates.

One of the main events in the Rila Lakes region is the gathering of pilgrims from the White Brotherhood (Danovists) on August 19. Then they celebrate their New Year. They celebrate the holiday by gathering near Lake Babreka and performing their ritual dances arranged in concentric circles called paneurhythms. For bottom dwellers, Rila is a sacred mountain, so thousands of them gather every year to meet the sunrise right there.


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Hikes and Trekking

Active weekend - hikes and routes to the Rila Lakes: By lift to the Rila Lakes; Vada Hut - The Seven Rila Lakes; Maliovitsa Peak and the Rila Lakes

Panoramic views

From the highest lake there is a unique panoramic view of all the lakes and especially of the beautiful Rila landscape around.

Skiing and snowboarding

Panichishte offers excellent conditions for skiers and fans of winter sports. At their disposal are an alpine ski slope - 470 m, a children's ski slope - 200 m and several other slopes equipped with a ski lift.

The legend

The legend of the seven Rila lakes tells that thousands of years ago, when there were no people on earth, two giants lived in the Rila mountain - a man and a woman. They loved each other madly and worshiped the beauty and comfort of their home.

Their home was so attractive, sunny, warm and cozy that it could not fail to charm every living thing, and their love was enjoyed by all the elements and the whole world.

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The seven Rila lakes are undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural sights of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. they are a truly fabulous place that is worth visiting and seeing by everyone. Their incredible beauty attracts both thousands of Bulgarians and many foreign tourists.

Whether you are a fan of long extreme hikes or short walks in nature, you should always have a planned place where you can spend the night. The area around the Seven Rila Lakes offers both hotels with mineral pools and guest houses with hospitable owners. Find the most suitable place for you here.

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