Водопад Рилска скакавица

Rila Skakavitsa Waterfall

Rila Locust is the highest waterfall in Rila Mountain. It is located next to Skakavitsa hut. The water falls from 70 m, which makes it one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bulgaria.

It is easily accessible in all seasons. In winter, when it freezes over completely, ice climbing competitions are held there, but you have to be very careful because the area above the waterfall is avalanche-dangerous.

Гейзер - Сапарева баня

Geyser - Sapareva bath

The geyser in Sapareva Banya is one of the hottest in the world with its 103 degrees. It is the only one in continental Europe and is the most exuberant and accessible geyser in the world - it pulses every 5-6 min.

The height of its water column is 18 m and it springs from a depth of 75 m. The many colored lights that are switched on during the summer evenings make it a remarkable sight.

Гейзер - Сапарева баня

Ecopath and Gorica waterfall

Ecopath Gorica is located in Rila mountain, near Sapareva Banya. It leads to the Shepherd's Falls, located at the foot of the Kabul part of the Rila. The height of the waterfall is 39 meters and it is the lowest waterfall in Rila - only 900 meters above sea level.

In front of the waterfall there is an observation deck and a bench for relaxation. The length of the path is about 2 km and it takes about 40 minutes.

Цари Мали град

Tsari Mali city

Tsari Mali town is a museum complex in the village of Belchin and a branch of the Historical Museum in Samokov. The complex, officially opened in 2009, consists of: the medieval church "Sveta Petka", a museum part below it and an ancient fortress located on the hill above them.

The Tsari Mali grad fortress has been declared a cultural monument of national importance and has been under study since 2007. Next to it is a cult complex, where the stone cross and shrine of Saint Spas or Ascension, a medieval church from the 15th century and the remains of two early Christian temples, under whose foundations are the ruins of a pagan sanctuary, are located.

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