We are „103°“. Do you know what our superior advantage is? The geyser springing the hottest mineral water in Europe is right alongside us. Discover the feeling beyond the boiling point, at the most elegant boutique SPA hotel- 103°.

We bring the idea of a boutique hotel in Sapareva Banya to a whole new level. We sowed the seed of extraordinairy style near the wild beauty of the majestic Rila Mountain. Our vision of tourism innovations reverts the notion and introduces a unique style in the four-star service.

Just like the mineral water erupts with 103 degrees, we will lift your senses up to the edge of euphoria. We followed the Scandinavian luxury concept and crafted an inimitable oasis of minimalism.

The combination of comfort, functionality, and style is a dreamy escape from the stress and the weekly urban monotony. 103°’ SPA and wellness services will relax your senses to immerse you in the magic of a starry experience and let you discover the energizing power of mineral water.

103° is not a temperature for everybody. That is why we offer a limited edition experience with the absence of loud crowds. Here is the place where leaders, individualists, adventurists, and bohemians discover new horizons of an outstanding heavan of coziness and comfort. Give yourself a sensible explosion, beyond your familiar boundaries, at the hottest point in Bulgaria.



Phone: +359 88 610 3 103; +359885103103; +359896103103

Address: Sapareva Banya, 39 Germanea St
GPS: 42.287604, 23.255987

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