The Legend of the Lakes

The legend of the seven Rila lakes tells that thousands of years ago, when there were no people on earth, two giants lived in the Rila mountain - a man and a woman. They loved each other madly and worshiped the beauty and comfort of their home.

Their home was so attractive, sunny, warm and cozy that it could not fail to charm every living thing, and their love was enjoyed by all the elements and the whole world.

Unfortunately, one day evil forces passed by their home. Seeing this beautiful place, they envied the family happiness of the giants, got angry and decided to destroy everything and erase their love forever. They started sending black clouds and devastating winds. Terrible earthquakes shook the earth.

The giant fiercely protected every blade of grass, every small stream or flower, defended his beloved and repelled the attacks of evil forces. However, this only fueled their enormous malice and cruelty, and they decided to finish their hellish work to the end.

In a fierce battle, the young giant fell dead. Satisfied with their victory, the evil forces departed, leaving behind broken rocks, desolate valleys, and a grief-stricken woman. The grief of the young widow was so great that her tears flowed ceaselessly and flowed down the ridges straight into the valleys. They flowed and collected in the valleys until they formed clear lakes of amazing purity.

Before Lake Babreka, the mountain guides show a huge rock in the direction of Lake Salzata. The shape of the rock resembles the figures of a man and a woman of enormous size. According to legend, these are the two lovers who will remain to guard their beautiful home forever.

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